Serosa Recalls Skincare Products

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

By: Eldelm M'Ledle

Photo credit: Anna Shvets,

The Serosa cosmetic company pulled its newest skin care product from the shelves earlier this week after a glaring defect in its formula came to their attention. Customers who used Serosa Growth Factor Cream found that while the product induced healthy skin growth, it also caused its users to grow far more new flesh than necessary.

“I’ve always been a big fan of Serosa’s products,” said Frida Rouzard, one passionate consumer, “but this one was an absolute disaster! I had to buy a specialized peeler to deal with my little issue. It’s embarrassing!” So and So went on to add that in spite of the unfortunate incident she would continue to buy from Serosa in the future, and that the product had made her smell “delightfully of coconuts”.

Another customer, Jana Edsall, was also asked for her thoughts, but could not respond due to the fresh, youthful layer of skin that had grown over all the orifices on her face.

This is not the first time Serosa has recalled one of their products. Two years ago, their All-Natural Anti-Aging Serum came under fire for de-aging users to the point of infancy.

“If nothing else, this stands for the effectiveness of Serosa’s products,” argued the company’s lawyer, Chauncey Florrin, in an official press release statement. “I would even say that the products do exactly what they’re marketed to do.”

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