The FringePress is an independently run work of fiction and, upon occasion, satire. The journalists, bloggers, writers, politicians, Lovecraftian horrors, and others depicted on this site are not meant to be reflections of any real person, place, or other noun. 

If you're offended by our content, however, keep scrolling to find out more about the (very) horrid and (unfortunately) real people who produce, edit, and publish content here.

(Photos might not be us, but they do give you quite an accurate summation.)


Ryder Blue

Ryder Blue is a hobbyist storyteller and science fiction and fantasy enthusiast. He has written collaboratively with authors in the past. His prior work can be found in the garbage. Ryder lives in Nashville with his dog, two cats, and long suffering girlfriend. He works in the liquor industry and supports the local economy by drinking too much beer and eating everything that isn’t nailed down. His writing can be found under the alias Sam Flickering.


Cami Wooley

Cami Wooley is a semi-functional, multi-disciplinary artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her most prominent prior works can be found bouncing about in the cavernous, abandoned space between her ears, as well as in The Weird Reader literary magazine. When she isn't writing, she can be found upsetting her coworkers and subjecting her boyfriend to hikes. She is the project coordinator for content at FringeNews, and writes under aliases Kensie Phillps and Rhett O'Richards"


Meriel Green

Meriel Green is an artisan, FX artist, sometime writer and possible cryptid based in South Wales.  In the past she's subjected other people to her literary works through script-writing for Red Kite Theatre, and short fantasy stories for the Litharia e-magazine.  In her spare time she enjoys hiking, camping, and announcing what works she does and doesn't like in art galleries.
She is a writer and designer for FringePress under the alias Ylva Azagor.


Morgan Staggs

Morgan Staggs is a hobbyist writer and dog enthusiast based in Santa Cruz, California. Her prior work can be found in various Google docs, never to see the light of day. She spends most of her time struggling through college and playing Resident Evil 4. She is a social media manager for FringePress, and writes under the alias Shelby S. Cargo.


Serena Clifford

Serena Clifford is an aspiring writer and long-suffering university student based in El Paso, Texas. Her prior works can be found in the cavernous maze of her memory. She has a deep love of the fantasy and horror genres, and when she isn't writing, she can most often be found procrastinating, playing video games, and then procrastinating playing those games. She is a social media manager for FringePress, and her writing can be found under the alias Eldelm M'Ledle.